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I have felt that sense of peace a couple of times-sort of like warm glycerine pouring over me. Amazing indeed!
Splitting into paragraphs might have made it easier to read, but I'm a newbie, so what do I know?
I'm sorry, I couldn't read this. There are no breaks, and the lines went together. But, I'm a newbie also.
Iris Whitney
Thanks for sharing your moving testimony.

In addition to paragraphing, a few edits for spelling and grammar will make this easier to read. You'll get the hang of it!

I'm so happy to read that your husband is coming home--how blessed you are!
Your story is inspiring and it comes straight from your heart. Your title is perfect. God bless you.

Keep writing and learning. You are off to a great start, and you have received some very helpful comments from others to guide you.
I felt this same peace when I had my c-section back in August. I was nervous the whole pregnancy because I didn't know how my son's birth would go. However, once I was in surgery, I felt the same peace and was able to relax.

Keep a lookout for grammar errors. It is so easy not to notice them until its too late.