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Fantastic! Your expansion of the Bible's metaphor was well developed, tight and compelling in its urge to be on guard against the Enemy. Well done!
I really enjoyed this piece. Great job!
HI - I like this piece too - great writing -takes one right into life on the savanna - also like your use of scriptures - great- good luck
I love this! You drew me in to the battle between prey and predator, and to the maternal instincts of the gazelle.
One small thing, be careful mentioning specific place names. The Zambezi River merely grazes the NE boundary of Namibia, so it may have been better to have chosen a different Southern African country.
Your descriptions of the animals and of the setting were excellent.
hey this has to be one of the best short stories i havce ever read! great job!
It took me a bit to realize this was a story about animals, but once I did, I really enjoyed it.
Nice job. :)
Excellent word choices, vivid descriptions and lots of action. I followed the back-and-forth between the two POV's easily. It isn't a common, or easy, format, but you pulled it off. Fantastic writing! I wouldn't be surprised to see this entry place.
I liked the way that you used the mother-child relationship to allude to how Jesus looks out for us. Great use of description on describing the savanna.
Hi Sharon. Just a quick note to congratulate you on your Highly Commended in the Africa Challenge, and also to let you know you made it into the Top 30 overall as well. "The Devil's Daze" ranked 28th in the highest rankings. Well done!

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