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Seriously? Wrestling camels? You tied things nicely with your last statement.
You came up with an interesting way of telling about an interesting, uh...ritual, or sport, or whatever it is.

The story seemed a little far-fetched, considering Muffy's personality, but it was still quite amusing.

I'm so glad to learn about camel wrestling...nice job with the topic.
Oh poor Muffy. How will she cope? It does sound like rather an exciting adventure though.
Very entertaining story with good development of the characters through the dialogue. Check the ending to correct typos. I definitely liked the creativity. Good joob!
Good characters. Loved how you showed Spencer just didn't get it, also loved the last sentence. One question, do they get married?
How romantic,...camel wrestling? YUK!
I'm with the bride.
Hey i think i get this. The last sentence-she wanted to leave or scream. So maybe he was just fooling around and if she does run or scream, she'll lose. It's just a thought, but i do pray he isn't going to go with his plan. It isn't the best idea for a honeymoon!
Creative and funny. Well done.