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That's beautiful. Great job!
Powerful lesson here. Nicely done.
I enjoyed this entry a lot. You did a good job bringing it to its conclusion and making it interesting from beginning to end.
Very good story, and your dialogue was realistic. You drew the reader into your story--nice job.
This is a powerful story of forgiveness and your writing talent shows strongly in your word choices. One thing I noticed is that you jump a lot from present to past. It would help the reader if you use some method (dotted line, italics, etc) to show that you have shifted to a different time or that it is just her thoughts. I look forward to watching you grow at FaithWriters.
Yes Gerald that makes sense, thank you.
I enjoyed you entry. The emotions could easily be felt. I love the way you ended it.
Loved your strong, compassionate main character. Nice job.
What great courage, strength and grace.
WOW! One of the most difficult things to do in this life, is to face our assailants and tell them "I forgive you."
This story is amazing. It send chills up my spine and brought tears of sorrow and joy to my heart.
Beautifully written. Excellent job in catching the emotions of the young woman who had lost her husband. Also, great job in writing about how the young woman learned from Jesus' example and was able to forgive the man who took her husband's life.
Living here in SA I know only too well what racist hatred is about. This is a very powerful story. Well done.
A lovely story. The wife had so many reasons to stay bitter, but the cross blew them all away. This is how our Faith ought to work. I'm glad she gave the murderer chance to make that new beginning also. Well done.
This reminds me so much of something that i went through today. Thanks for this. May God help us to forgive those who hurt us no matter how much it hurts.

He did it for us! He forgave us
Beautiful story! I can only imagine how hard that would be.