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Very poetic and mystical as though this were a vision, a dream (?) and not an actual happening.
Very nice!
Very sweet story...I could picture the two little girls.

I was a little confused with the one line of dialogue. I thought the little Japanese girl was 'speaking,'--since she was the one pointing--but the words are in English.

Nice descriptive words. Good job.
Oooo, Lovely.

Thanks for the escape into cherry blossoms. :)
Some lovely images here.

The tense gets confusing. Its hard to know if it is happening in present tense or if she is just imagining/desiring it because she is so intoxicated by the radiant cherry trees.

In a way ,,, not knowing if it is real or a dream is part of the charm here.

Love the title.

Beautiful writing, tender and mysterious.
I agree that the one line of dialogue sits awkwardly. Better to have omitted the speech marks entirely and left it as reported speech. But that aside, you have crafted something very lovely here.
If you haven't already done so, let me encourage you to read a number of our entries from Beginner's and to leave comments for your fellow writers. That way, we can all learn together.
Very tender... I felt at peace while reading your story. Thanks for letting me know how important are the little things of life. I wish you luck.
Enjoyed the very descriptive story. I also had a sense of peace while reading it. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful descriptions, felt the peace and quiet, it was refreshing.
I enjoyed the intentional peaceful descriptions. very nice.
I enjoyed the intentional peaceful descriptions. very nice.
So lovely written. Soft. Sweet. You painted a picture of serenity with your words. I really enjoyed it so much. Great writing. A winner!

Hi Jim. Just a quick note to congratulate you on your 3rd Place win this week, and also to let you know you made it into the Top 30 overall as well. "With Cherry Blossoms in Her Hair" ranked 27th in the highest rankings. Well done!

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Congratulations again. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
I think this place does exist, "the place where cherry blossoms fill the air." I could see all this taking place. This is very well written. Congrats on your ribbon and level placing! (and thanks for your comment on my poem!)