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an exciting narration, reminiscent of the recent film about Nat Saint, Jim Elliot and their colleagues. The drowning episode struck me as a little unrealistic - would you really have to give CPR to a man who had only just fallen into the river? But nevertheless the courage and dedication of your missionary characters comes across loud and clear.
Very exciting!
This piece kept me riveted throughout. I wanted to read more about these characters.
This was a riveting piece. I felt as though I were in the boat with your couple.
One thing about POV though. I'm not sure, but it seems if you're telling it from the wife's perspective, you wouldn't know the husband's lungs were burning for air unless he said so.
Just a thought.
Other than that, this is a story I wouldn't mind reading more of.
BTW Congratulations on placing 2nd this week.
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