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A great short glimpse on a coming of age story. I liked it, especially the ending with the eagle over head. Good job. ^_^
I enjoyed this. I'm glad your MC stepped out of his comfort zone and reached out and that those around him realized he needed them as much as they needed him. You tied it in nicely with Isaiah as well.
Oh, I was off reading others and had a thought. This is a great lesson for those who are discouraged about being the "low man on the totem pole"
I've heard that with a negative connotation. This really flips it for me. Thank you.
Great analogy and application.
I liked the analogy of the totem pole and the 'low man'. Great job!
I really like this! Your writing is crisp, and I felt real emotion for your MC. I, too, love the totem-pole analogy. Great job!
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