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I was unaware of this bit of Canadian law--thanks for bringing it to our attention.
I've never heard of this law in Canada, but I like how you grabbed my attention here. Some good thoughts and a good message. Thanks for sharing!
HI - suppose you're talking of Bill C-250 - passed in the dark of the night, under closed doors, by only a few - Most Canadians are not in favor and quite upset. We do not hate, this is just an outright attack against the Scriptures and those who believe. Beware I'm told the U.S. has two bills -in 2007, S-1105 and HR 1592. By the way, my research indicates that most countries have hate legislature on your topic. This has not gone down without a fight - As believers we stand in the gap and battle in the Spirit for Canada - God's Word is still
His Word -"Not by Power, Nor by Might but, by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts. Thank you. Lynn
Yep, I've heard of that new law. I almost wrote about it too, but went another route.

Perhaps you could expand on this into story form somehow involving how the pastors and people of God in Canada deal with such laws.
Oh my goodness! I did not know this was a law either. How we take for granted being able to speak what we want to speak. I guess it goes to show take nothing for granted. Thank you for being brave and standing up for what you believe in!
The price we pay for being a tolerant society is the passage of these kinds of laws. Ironically, in the name of tolerance they express an intolerance for truth. Perhaps part of our problem is that sometimes we haven't always spoken the truth in love.

Thanks for bringing up this subject. It's a timely one.