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Wow. Some very good suspense here, I could see this expanded a bit. Nice job.
Fascinating and insightful take on our history. I'm afraid we are feasting on bones - today's papers announced that the UK will be hardest hit by the recession of all developed countries. Maybe we will be chastened. Maybe not.
The writing is good, but the genre is just not my cup of tea, I guess.
A good overall effort. A rich imagination, and some good writing. Successful allegories are far more difficult to write than is thought because they require a balance between accurately capturing the original and imaginatively recapturing the story in a fresh, insightful way. Additionally, allegorical rendering of history needs to be historically accurate.

Just a couple of quibbles:

Any tribute to Mr. Tolkien would be improved by spelling his name correctly.

Historically, the observation "The sun never sits on the British Empire," was made during the Victorian Empire, when British colonial rule reached its global zenith. Your reflection of that history occurs in the paragraph before your description of the American War for Independence, some 70 years too early. A few minutes of proofreading and verifying would have improved this already fine effort. Let Google be your friend.
Hi Josiah. Just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know your entry "Banquets to Bones," actually did very well in the United Kingdom Challenge. Although you didn't receive an award, you ranked 11th in Level 1. Competition in this level is always very intense, so well done.

If you'd like to check the highest rankings for yourself, you can find them here:

The highest rankings are posted every Thursday evening on the Message Boards.

You definitely deserve a pat on the back. Well done. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)