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I just read this aloud to my husband. We agree, this is just so sweet, creative and entertaining. I love it! What a wonderful children's book this could be. Great writing!
Very, very, very imaginative and humorous!
Very clever children's story. I enjoyed reading this.
This is incredibly witty and appropriate. I loved it. I agree, this would be great in a children's book.
Very fun reading! I laughed out loud in spots. Thanks for the entertaining story and fun perspective!
“Yes, I like to think of myself in that way,” answered the lion.
I just LOVE that line. :)

And the TAZ having anger issues just cracks me up.

This is a really fun and creative entry. I felt the first part was the strongest and most enjoyable. I felt it maybe got a little bit(stepping delicately)
"preachy" and lost some of it's freshness and appeal. That's just my opinion.

You did a great job!
This is awesome! I laughed out loud in the library several times! You had me guessing, too--fun, lighthearted suspense. I thought the "strange looking" ones were going to be the humans, but then it made sense how they were animals from Australia, considering the topic. I *really* laughed when little bear's like, "Are you a duck or a beaver or a seal or...?” Very witty. I like how you broke the stereotype of the lion,too--sort of like how Jesus broke the stereotype of a king.
As far as mechanics:
Dialogue only should be enclosed in quotation marks, not the narration part.
Example: "Well, I am now," said the Lion. "What' up? . . ."
Very wonderful. I hope to find more of your stuff.
I love it! This is so creative - I hope you win with this one!
This was a fun entry, very creative. Keep up the good work and congratulations!