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Very interesting history on 'Santa'. I'd heard much of this, but never thought a lot about it.

Isn't it sad how he has become the focus of Christmas for so many. Sure it's fun to include 'Santa' in celebrating, but it would be wonderful to have Jesus be celebrated more.
Very good information about the history. I noticed a couple of tense changes, going from past to present in the same sentences. Good tie-in between the history and the actual reason for the season.
This was a very informative history lesson. Thank you.
Thank you for this. Our family used to celebrate St. Nicholas Day when our daughter was small. Sometimes I wish we still did. I have always enjoyed the story about him. You told it well.
Yes, thank you for the informational lesson. I didn't know most of that stuff. I like the way you sandwiched this lesson between the truth of Scripture.
My daughters were always scared of Santa, so he was no big Very informative. Thank you.
I'm especially captivated by your prayer at the end. Amen.
An educational devotion. I love to learn and I learned a few facts here. Thanks for sharing this, and for leading us in a prayer of thanks to our Lord.
Wow! What an amazing lesson in history. I enjoyed the read! Inspring and so true! God bless. Keep on writing, you have what it takes!!;0) Have a WONDER FILLED Merry Christmas!!