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What a beautiful story. I don't think you'll be in beginners long. You have a real knack for drawing the reader into your characters and making them feel a part of the story. The small personal sacrifices is what made gift giving so special once upon a time. Excellent writing!
Ah, this is what Christmas is all about. I love the gifts the girls made for each other, using things that were precious to them. Your story makes me nostalgic for "the good old days". A few little glitches here and there, but overall, very good!
Well written and very personal. I love the way it played out. You sure have a talent for holding the reader's interest.
I enjoyed reading this so much. You made me feel for this family and enjoy Christmas with them. I'm wondering if this is a true story? :)
Gifts from the heart do convey the real meaning of Christmas, and you told it well. Nicely done.
As a child experiencing Christmas in the '50's, I was easily able to place myself in this story. Very real and true descriptions and characters. You had me so involved with the MC that the only thing I would have liked to have seen included was the sister's reaction to the doll bed. :)
You developed both the story and the characters very well. It was all so real and believable and more importantly the message came humbly but shinning through. Well done!
This read like it was beautiful memories, which is what every good story should do. Well written.
11/26/08 homey! The best gifts are the ones that are home-made! I'm not sure of the MC's age, but try to keep the information at the level of the child... such as the grandfather's lawyering. Mostly you did well at keeping your POV. I like the dialogue and the happy ending.
Yes, you DO draw the reader in. Well done! I was wondering too, if this is a true story.
Lots of great gift giving in this one. You definitely nailed the topic.

There were a few spots where I had to re-read, because I was getting a bit confused on who was giving what gift, but after I read it through again, then it made sense. Perhaps I'm just a bit tired tonight. :)

Keep up the good work and you will be out of beginners very soon. Thank you for sharing this.
Marijo, this is really precious! Oh, how I can assosciate with those times. $5 WAS a really big deal. My day, $1 was a lot, I thought! It was so much fun to get to re-live this with you! Keep writing stories!