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This is absolutely great! What a good idea. Teachers make such an impression on their students. Not all of them are like Mrs. Kine. Blessings on the ones that are.
Thank you for the lovely story. I enjoyed reading it. It was well written and presented.
Good tradition! I'm a teacher, and I would love to get such a letter from one of my former students.
Good story.
Thank you for sharing this. I could picture the scene perfectly, and I love how you've captured both your main character's frustration and his "Aha!" moment of inspiration. Our words and our actions should mean something. Mikey's taking time to write the letter shows the dedication of both teacher and pupil--what a gift!
Sweet! It feels like there is truth in this story; very well written and a great story. I especially like "Mrs. Kind". :)
Nice - I really liked the line about the memories being entwined with the perfume - "shrouding" was a fantastic word choice. Good story and creative take on the topic.
WOW.. This was so well written and in many ways inspirational. I found myself challenged to take up "Mike's" new tradition. This story made a difference in MY life. Thank you.
Excellent work here! A very powerful entry. I felt very engaged in this piece.

You could still eliminate some passive verbs - especially the first line....try "Mike sat" instead of "was sitting"....etc. Remember that the first line needs to pack a punch. Also try to tighten up the last line; it seems a bit abrupt to end in the middle of dialogue.

Nice work! I can definitely tell that you put your best into this one. Great job! :)
Now that's a man for you! Very good job. And this is Teacher Education Week, too. At least in our school district it is. Not sure about everywhere:) Good timing;)
This entry is superb! The message is one of the best I have read. Great job!
I love his idea about sending a letter to someone who meant something in his life. Very well written. You had me from the first word. Nice job!
Congratulations on placing sixth in your level. Your growing is showing. :-)
I enjoyed this poignant story. Your ending was perfect.