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Clever and creative POV!

Be careful of "it's" with an apostrophe, which means "it is" or "it has". For a possessive, you want simply "its".

This is a sweet poem that chlidren will love.
I love your creativity.
Polishing the meter on this might make it a good candidate for a picture book.
Well, the Bible does say that all creation sings His praise, doesn't it? Why not snowmen? I love the snowman's prayer. We should all be asking to hear it just a little longer.
Very clever! I enjoyed hearing this snowman's story. I stumbled a few times on the meter, but the poem is so cute I didn't mind. :)
Your title is perfect for this creative poem. I like how you set this up with descriptions of the snowman "teeth of coal" and "carrot nose so long -- Blocking from view…" From our viewpoint, we already know the snowman's plight, but just imagining the snowman wanting to "not melt" so he could hear songs about the birth of Jesus, was a new aspect of snowman thoughts that I really enjoyed. Nice work on this!
Cute entry! I liked it very much. Yes it needs a little tweaking with grammar and meter, but it's well done anyway! Thanks for sharing!