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Very nice article. I really enjoyed reading. Sounds like the Lord has always been with you even as a child, teaching you lessons that you willingly learned. Thanks for sharing!
Good start. Let me feel how you felt as a child. Some of the sentences could use a comma especially when you use introduction phrases. Best wishes with this piece. Keep on writing.
Thank you for sharing this.
Yeshua Bless
Hey Sister! Two months afetr you submitted this article it has reached my heart. You are a genius... those ordinary ones who do extraordinary things. You did it at 9- walking away from anger. You do not know me but I am so proud of you ... anyway, Jesus did not do miracles in the past only; He is doing it every nanosecond, through you and 9,8, 7... year olds. Halelujah! CONGRATULATIONS... a simple article, loaded with Scriptural Truths through the heart of a child. You made me so joyfulinJesus all over again. Love, Neil Deo.
Wow, you did something as a child that I had to take a class for as an adult. I'm very impressed. Maybe I should take a cue from you, sis. Thanks for the wake up call.