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Good reminder of where we are to focus and see indeed how we are blessed by those who also push our buttons.
Fun play on the words. Very descriptive. And what a good reminder of God's word on watching our tongue!
SMILE... I love your title! The ending was great, too. It really does help to count your blessings when we're ready to POP.
Good beginning and ending, but I found the middle a bit too much like a quick sermon.

I get the message though, and that's what's important.

May God bless and keep you writing!

Dan Blankenship

Loved the title. You have done a very good job with this entry, showing how often we "snap" when we shouldn't even be crackling.

Good devotional here. Well done!
This is fun. I think all moms with young children can relate. Every mom should read the verses you mentioned each and every morning. Well Done :-)
Very nice devotional. I love the line: “winding her up and watching her spin.” With four kids (two are boys), I can totally relate to all you said here. Loved it.

Just a thought: I would have liked more showing and less telling. SHOW me a scene where your son climbs on the fridge and your other son is asking a million questions. Put me in the scene. OR put me at a breakfast where your husband "winds you up!" That would be such fun.

Again, good job and great word choices.
Cute devotional! I think you could definitely write more....add a story or do have 750 words to expand to! Good job.
Very nice devotional. I agree with others that I would have liked to have a bit more in terms of dialoge or scenes to illustrate your great points. I love "winding her up and watching her spin"!
Very enjoyable read on topic and great advise.
I like this. A very good read. Good job.
Good little devotional. My only complaint is that I wanted more! Feel free to use your full 750 word count.

You told so much truth in this, and I appreciate you sharing it with us all.

I don't know if you are new to the challenge, but I look forward to seeing more entries from you in the future. :)