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Wow, that is most certainly a dare!
Anything that bucks the system takes tons of courage.

You have portrayed that wonderfully!

Nice job!
This was kinda scary.. does this really happen? Very intense and you had me wondering what was going to happen. Looking forward to reading your next story!
I am so glad my doctors aren't like that! Course, I do work night shift and we pretty much manage our patients on our own. I totally know that situation - love the last line (I confess, I've said it once or twice....) A few grammar fixes and your story is an A-plus!
Fascinating situation.

I wonder if it'd improve the story with less introductory material, and expansion of the conflict between the doctor and the patient.

I know that I would have been intimidated by such a doctor! Glad those days are behind me!
I liked this! Good tension and conflict!
Wow, that was great! The characters seemed very true to life. I can really imagine the mother's babbling insistence, and the discomfort of the MC. I found myself wanting to give the doctor what-for, so you know you wrote it convincingly! Great job!
Incredible - on this one too I would love to await the "next chapter". Intriguing writing!

Once again I was along for a compelling ride.