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Great story for the topic! I like your ending. Well done.
Aw, this was precious! You had me on the edge of my seat! What was she going to say???
Good job!
I really liked it had me waiting for your answer. You write very well and keep your audience motivated to read on.
This is in beginners??? I had to double check! WOW. I was totally tense for her. And I LOVED the ending. Very romantic.
Wonderful! Great story here and your writing hits the nail squarely on the head. ( ; (Love the dialogue!)
Very clever story with a neat twist.

My only nitpick--the kids acted and sounded more like high school students than college students to me. I was surprised at the mention of "college games."

I love the narrator's mental ruminations as she considers her answer--very well done.
The MC's internal dialogue was very good, and I was so happy when I found out that she said yes. I was really hoping that she would. I agree that this game felt like something that a younger crowd would play, but I could also picture a college group playing it too.

Cute story that I'm sure a lot of girls (and maybe even some guys) will be able to relate to.
You definitely got my attention! I couldn't wait to see what she did! I also was thrown by the college reference, though. Overall, great job!
Oh, I love this. Talk about sudden revelations. For a second there I thought you were going to leave us in suspense as to how it endedso glad you didn't. Well done.
I loved this take on the truth or dare game.
This is really cute, and written well. I could buy that kids would play this in college, but the phrase "like like" seems definitely more high-schoolish.

Your writing is good, especially the dialogue and thoughts. Try to avoid using cliches like "my heart would beat wildly as if to spring out of my chest."

Very good job with the topic. And the ending is very sweet.
Wow. Really good "edge-of-your-seat" plot. Much like the Lady or the Tiger - which door will be chosen.... :)
You're moving on up! Yeah Yeah! Great job with this one. :)
I believe telling the truth is the most daring thing anyone can do. Just look at the tension, the anticipation, the expectancy that you stirred up in those in that scene as well with your readers.

One of the definitions for dare is to do something courageous, and you showed the two acting simultaneously very well.
Well, I am returning a pretty little yellow box. (and I have never played group jumprope either, so that makes two of us!) LOL! Glad I didn't miss this one (spare time is so hard to find these days!) but this was GOOD! Congrats on your win, it was certainly well-deserved! I liked the characters and especially that she said "Yes." I was hoping she would. Cute+fun story. ^_^