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Nice devotional piece. Good reminder of how our God pulls for us.
Having watched "A Christmas Story" for many years and lived in the area where the story is supposed to take place, I absolutely loved your entry!

Great job.

May God bless.

Dan Blankenship

Oh my! I loved this! Great job! Just be sure to put a space between your paragraphs next time so it's easier to read. Wonderful, wonderful devotional!!!
Great devotional piece. I love the message weaved in with a familiar childhood story.

Yes, it is a gift that beats all others. Great devotional on the topic, very enjoyable.
Great devotional. True for all but especially important for young people, I think. Thanks for writing out this message. :)
Awesome devotion! The story is perfect for powerful message. It may have been a bit smoother if you'd used the boys' names instead of "the first boy" and "the other boy", and maybe break it into more that one paragraph, but I loved everything else about it. Very smooth, nice flow from story into message. Wonderful job!