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Interesting article, enjoyed reading. In Christ Jesus, littlelight
There is a problem here. I think your thoughts might have been running into eachother. Lots of full stops missing.
What I did find inspiring was the fact that your line of thinking continues to battle the urges. You keep that up, and with prayer, your bound to get the victory.
Think you could have called it "Man on a Mission" lol.... Hope to read you again.
Sorry, lots of spelling mistakes and full stops missing!! You really need to check your punctuation more carefully. Remember Correction is not Rejection my friend, okay!!!!
Yeah, all the grammar comments. That said, your ideas are sound, a proofing and you have a good one.
A good lesson, but a bit hard to read in areas. Some editing and revising and it'll be even better!
Ditto what has been said already, but in addition, I did like some of your choices of wording like: "My flesh was growling at me..." Very descriptive when talking about that inner conflict!!