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I'm sure this is a struggle many have in their lives - whether with members of the opposite sex or not. I could feel her struggle.

This might be easier on the eyes if you put the story into paragraphs and then put spaces between each paragraph. One big block of text is a bit hard on the eyes.

I could feel the passion in your writing. Thanks for sharing it.
Yeah for the main character!! As a reader, I love vibrant characters who do what is right. I hope you will write more. The piece would be easier to read if you used indented paragraphs.
Excellent work. One of the top five for sure!

I couldn't stop reading, nor did I want to.

I agree with what someone else said - it needed an extra space in between paragraphs to make is read better.

This was so real and believable that I immediately began picturing people that I've known who have experienced this in real life.


You have real talent!

Keep writing.

May God bless.
Dan Blankenship