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You make some excellent points, and back them up nicely with NT references. Much to ponder here. Thanks.
Thank you, for standing up for the men in church. I have of late been pondering why there were so few men in the church these days. I think you've answered it.
The point of your article is excellent. That said, there are quite a few grammar errors.

I suggest proofreading your work two or three times and then having someone else proofread your work, then submit it.

Here are some things that need correction:

[Paul was very focus(ed) man and took doing the things of God to heart. He also wanted to be surrounded by thoses (remove s) who was about doing the Father business no matter the situation.]

[Barnabus was a compassion(ate) man and probably saw something in John Mark that Paul was not ready to train.]

[God is a compassionate and patience (patient) God]

So, other than a few grammatical errors, the gist of your column is EXCELLENT. I know EXCATLY where you are coming from.

May God bless and keep you writing.

Dan Blankenship