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I believe the beach in this soul-wrenching story is Normandy beach. I pray each day for all those involved in the wars in Irag and Afghanistan on all sides. I was touched by the questions and I am certain most of the men and women are asking themselves such questions. Thanks for this thought-provoking article. I am sure it will touch all those who
have fought in a war.
Wow! Awesome story. Well written.
I believe you hit the target of thoughts of many as they follow other men into wars. Truly emotional issues.
God bless, littlelight
Whew ! you had me going there for a moment. I was spellbound right to the end and right there beside you. I'm soooo glad you are alive to tell of this experience. To shoot the bullet into the sand as a finishing touch was just superb. So, so well done !
Add a space between paragraphs and you have a great read. Awsome story. Thanks.
Very nice, showing the story from another persepctive.
The inner questioning and fear and Liked this line: "Dietrich realised the turmoil within him was paralysing him..."
really captured the struggle. good job!
I couldn't believe this was a beginner piece. Excellent work at getting into the mind of Dietrich. The word pictures were very good.
John, well done. This was an excellent piece for a Level 1 entrant. Congratulations on your 2nd place in the Level awards. I can actually tell you that you weren't that far off making it into the Editors' Choice awards as well (you came in at 10th overall). So with that, I really do encourage you to move up to Level 2 now and we'll look forward to reading more of your entries in the future. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)