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You touched a topic that many people deal with daily. Looking at the format of this I thought it would be a ryhme. It was a little rhetorical, but you expressed your feelings well and I felt the emotion of how difficult it is to be patient. Good job, keep writing.
Very nice. One little mistake that I caught with a "to" where a "too" should have been.

What I really liked about your work was that you made it long enough. I make all my poems too short. You showed no fear of going long.

I enjoyed reading your entry and pray that if this is "real" you find that special someone. If it is about someone else, I pray the same for that person.

Thanks for a very interesting read.

May God bless.
Dan Blankenship

I'm not much into poetry, but this one hooked me in! You really captured the tug between anguish over the singleness and the desire to be obedient. Good job!

This is very honest and was definitely engaging. Nicely done.
I am not much into poetry but oh I remember this very conversation with my mom when I was 24 and so on, mom told me that I may be ready but my husbandd God was still working on, turns out she was right. Thank you so much for bringing back that memory
Oh yeah, I had this conversation with God about that age too. Patience does pay off in the end, but can be oh-so-hard in the 'during' :) Great writing.
I really appreciate the honesty in this one - I especially liked the last paragraph.
Keep waiting on God - He's faithful. I was where you are at just 18 months ago at the age of 25, and now I'm very happily engaged to a girl who is perfectly designed for me.
Keep writing!
My daughter had her first date ever at the age your are now. Keep your eyes on God, you'll be fine.
Great writing!
Well-written. Very emotional.

No human being can be all that we need them to be. Use this time to get better acquainted with the One who won't let you down, even when your husband does. After all, without Him, there is no "happily ever after," single OR married!

Oh dear, did I just preach?