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I invite this writer to spend some time thinking about the good thief, Dismas as he died on a cross beside Jesus. Only God knows who really repents and who does not. Pray for James, and trust that he was given a final instant to say in his heart and mind, "I am sorry, forgive me! I did not understand!" We really will not know for certain until we get to heaven if James died in peace only God knows this. God is just and merciful! God bless you and grant you peace of mind with your friend's death.
Your article brings much attention to diversity of minds. I certainly agree with you, that God is just and willing to forgive. It's the JUST part, that people often leave out of the message. Many often linger until their death bed to serve a mighty awesome God, because of wishy-washy messages. But, why do you wait? Why do you hesitate? What hinders you?, I thought this was very inspirational peice, something to think about.
The Lord bless you,
Have a look at Isaiah 57:1,2 Do you think that these verses might answer the question.
I have watched many a person in life, including myself, hate and reject the one thing they end up loving. I have disliked a person only to have them turn out to be a good friend. James was on his way, he just didn't know it yet....But the Lord did.
Thank you for sharing.
A powerful story -with a little polish and editing, it'll be even better.
Tragic ... and thought provoking. We never know when the end will come, do we. Thanks.
Well layed out, with an editor this is a winner. Thanks for posting.
Tragedy and victory - side by side. I enjoyed the ending comment: "It is true that a lost chance cannot be regained, and a gained chance cannot be forgotten."