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I can promptly say that is different. True, some don't like crowds and hovering birds. Very good. God bless, littlelight
A nice contrast between the busy and peaceful. There's a lot that could be done with this :) Very good descriptions.
Very discriptive. I know what you mean about the water being too many colors to remember! I love the ever-changing colors of the ocean. Good job!
You've packed a lot of impressions into such a short entry, but it was interesting to read and experience the changes you mentioned.
I would love to see "the too many colors" again. I feel the same...about the sea. Thank you for taking me back. Well done.
Wonderful tight stagement, every word packed with meaning. Thank you, I really enjoyed reading this.
I cannot believe you packed so many powerful images and descriptive words in such a very small short-story. Very well written my friend. Thanks for sharing!!
You had some great imagery here and set a real mood in just a few words.
Hey! This is a great beginning for a novel. Very well done. Very descriptive.
Wow - talk about packing a punch in just a few words! So visual and tactile, Lauren. I agree - good start for a novel. Are you gonna write it? ;)
Wow! I was at the beach, truly. Great imagery.