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The first few words of this story set a standard. I knew this was going to be a good one. Our comfort zones are so spoiled now that we at times forget to be thankful. A very good reality check. Thank you. Great job with the description. I imagined it all.
Ahhh..the peace of God, what could be better than that? Thank you for writing this.
Nicely written. A topic many readers can relate to.
An absolutely beautiful story. I'm so glad she found the peace she was seeking from the right and perfect Source. Excellent writing, please keep it up!
All I can say is wow. Writing such as this is why Faithwriters is the place for new Christian writers to join.

Thanks for an excellent entry! Loved every word of this one.

May God bless.
Dan Blankenship

This piece is beautifully written and it has a beautiful message.

Your descriptions were wonderful, and the internal dialogue of your MC was also really good.

Definitely hoping to see this one place this week, because it is great writing, filled with a great spiritual message.

This really touched my heart. Such beautiful writing that expresses your MC's feelings: "I crave that heart of peace in the midst of the aching and the longing."
And your lesson on PERFECT peace - isn't that just like God - He knows the right words to give us at just the right time. Great writing. I'm so glad you've joined Faithwriters - I'd like to read more of your work.
Great description and detail. VERY impressive (especially for a first entry).