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Great lines:

I dont know what it is, but theres something about you thats different, something special. I want what you have, she stated.

I didnt understand at first what I could possibly have that she would want. Then I felt this deep and urgent need to share Christ with her. My heart was hurting so badly I didnt understand how she could see Him in me, but I knew I had to tell her about Him.

She went into the shower while they finished getting me ready for surgery. I had to pack up everything, because I wouldnt be returning to the mental ward afterwards. I was ready to be rolled up stairs when she came out.

Wait, stop for just a moment, please. I just prayed. I asked your God to come into my heart. I feel really clean, for the first time ever, clean from the inside out. I am so glad we were roommates. Thank you.


Such a joy to read!

Great entry!


Loved it!

May God bless!
Dan Blankenship

Thank you for sharing this moving story.
This is a beautiful and moving piece. I know it is more than that in your life.

You are my sister in circumstance. Thank you for sharing this, I know its not easy. *hugs*

Well done!
God bless you, dearheart, for writing this! I was blessed.
Great story of how God meets us where we are at in life and uses us when we are willing.
Carole, a truly lovely story. You have shown clearly how God sometimes uses our circumstances to reach others. A wonderful devotional too. So glad you finally got your girl. Bless you for allowing us to share in this.
What an awesome testimony! Thank you for sharing this. Our attitude is so important for God to be able to use us... even in times that seem so hurtful to us. A great reminder.
Now this I like! Impressive. Great job. God bless.
You are very brave to share this, and your readers are very blessed. You did a great job with this. It's well written, and memorable.
Tender personal narrative. Thank you for sharing this story. :)
I love your note at the end of this gripping and authentic testimony. God can turn all of our ashes into beauty.