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ROFL! Wow! This is hilarious, I love this look at today's modern world and the device that everyone 'must' have, the telephone/cell phone. This is a great POV and the last lines are priceless...I wonder, how changed would our world be if this had been real? Nicely done! ^_^
I love the story. As someone who has come through 50 years of "progress" I really relate.
Very creative and loved the take on the topic. Great job!
Fun and creative. Good details in the MC thoughts showing the "time" shift. Nice job. :)
Very clever!
Interesting read of a world where nobody talks to one another face to face anymore. Going wireless is a great invention, but it gets a little impersonal, yet it is still better than going online via email or chat. You've written well; a great piece of work.
Super creative!!! Great job with a tough topic to be creative with.
What a great and funny read! I love the way you put this all together and if it doesn't place, give me a call at 555-1212. :-) Nice job!
I've often wondered what people of an earlier era would have thought about seeing people walking around talking on cell phones. Probably the parents would have told their children,
"Don't get too close to those folk; there's something wrong with them." This is a winning kind of entry.
I LOVE this one! It's fantastic - definately one of my favorites for the week. Great job!
This is my favorite in beginners this week! I really hope you place high with this one. Very clever with a nice bit of humor mixed into it. Great job with this!
Very creative! I hope you will be going on to the next level today!