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When I had my tonsils removed at age eight, the hospital gave me a red stuffed elephant covered with tiny yellow flowers. I named her Ellie Phant. So, this article definitely caught my attention and I was glad! I enjoyed the light-hearted way you gave my beloved Ellie Phant a purpose in the Kingdom of Heaven. Thank you for the smile and the message.
Love the fable. :) A few minor mechanical/grammatical errors, i.e. a name should always be capitalized, Landlord. Loved the elephant's character and name. Thanks for such a dear story. :)
This is a beautiful allegory! I simply love it. It has a wonderful, gentle quality that really gets the point across without being heavy or preachy. I don't think I've ever heard this POV before about the Spirit and what He can do for us if we only listen. (Please do take the time to correct your minor grammar errors in this piece once the Challenge is over because it really deserves a nice polish so it will sparkle and shine-and be perfectly ready for an audience to read and enjoy!)Lovely!
this was a very enjoyable read. Thanks
Absolutely charming! Any child would be delighted, and any adult should see the blatant message. I agree. Polish, tighten, and PUBLISH! This is really good stuff. :0)
I agree that this shows an awesome potential. I could see me buying this from a Christian bookstore to read to my grandsons.