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Love the kaleidoscope angle of this story! The memory with the crayons was my absolute favorite! So wonderful! ^_^
I loved this...I was particularly drawn to the ironing memory; I had a total recall of watching my mother iron white shirts for hours. The smell of the starchy, steaming cotton; it's actually a delicious memory. Thanks for that. Very well written piece.
I like the way you put across the feeling of keeping the taste of hot summer days fresh in memories for months. Reminds me of the occasional moments I recall from time to time in my daily life of good times and precious memories while traveling abroad on holidays - so carefree and relaxing.

You have made the point on passing memories very clear, of how they bring memories of joy and sadness. Memories such as these play important roles in our lives and serve as reminders of how we have become who we are today, molded in the Potter's hands, to live our lives according to His plan.

I smiled the whole way through because of your descriptions. The part about the ironing was fascinating--I felt like I was there. I like how visual this piece was. I felt like I could see everything in your kaleidoscope--colors, shapes, actions.
I see my mom ironing as I read your article. Your use of descriptives is excellent. Keep up the good work! The Watchers greet you :)

Great use of familiar events to draw each reader to pull from our own memories. :) Love the summative last paragragh focusing on the light of today making the changes in the view.
Beautiful memories. The descriptions of smells and sounds are wonderful!
This is great! When I was a teenager a hundred years ago, I worked after school ironing shirts at a boarding house. Your entry brought back the sight, smell and yes the burned fingers of those days! Kudos!
Excellent job with vivid descriptions. The ironing reminded me of things I had forgotten, watching my mom iron.
Your descriptions in this are so vivid. They are a real treat for the senses. I really think you will be moving out of beginners soon. Excellent writing.

I appreciate you sharing your memories with us.