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Nice job! I liked how the family was together as the wedding preparations were underway, it turned a tad devotional at the end though. Nice job. ^_^
A lot happened in one day and you captured so much within the word limit. I liked reading about this family reunion, well done.
I like the overall feel of this piece, but you need to watch out for punctuation errors, especially comma usage and run-on sentence errors.
You really captured the excitement of this big day! Your MC fell asleep like I usually do - thinking of Jesus to calm herself. Lovely tale; I really enjoyed this.
I enjoyed this very much. A wedding is definitely an exciting way for family members to reunite.

I wasn't sure if this was meant to be a devotional or not, though it felt like it ended that way. You might want to leave off the question at the end if you weren't intending it to be a devotional. Just a suggestion.

Thank you for sharing this. :)