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A very good and chilling story and a sobering reminder of those who face persecution for Christ's sake, even from their own families. Thank you for sharing.
Wow! In America, we don't realize the price many Christians over the world have to pay for their faith.
Thank you for writing this.
Very powerful. You showed very well the persecution your MC went through. Sobering for sure. Thank you for sharing it.
A heart-wrenching story. I can only hope, should my faith be so tested, that I may stand firm in Him.
Your Scripute tie ins are strong as is this entry. Keep writing.
An amazing story! And very well told! Kudos!
Painful indeed! This is heart-breaking! The pain and emotion of your MC came through very well and I felt for him, having to deal with that from his own family. ^_^
I know this is real with some people. I think we need more of this in the USA so more Christians would count the cost for following the Lord more seriously. Well done.
You often hear stories of Christians being persecuted in other countries, but I hadn't given much thought to how the families of the Christians might react to their change in beliefs. This story was a real eye opener for me.

We should all count our blessings and be thankful that we can worship our God freely.

Thank you for sharing this well-written piece with us all.
Thank you for this reminder of how good we have it in America, and how much we take that for granted. Powerful story - had me quaking!