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This is quite a story! Uncle does love his home and the story he tells and the reasons he has for it, is definitely thought-provoking. very well done. ^_^
This iis a well developed thought. Sure there are a few grammatical errors but not insurmountable. It's surely not a Western philosophy but thought provoking.
I love the voice in this. I'm guessing the setting is in India, but I could be wrong. I liked the almost mythical nature Uncle Rajan ascribes to the house. Very unique.
The conversation between you two is wonderful and so real. Knowing quite a few people here in the U.S. from your country, I can actually hear its very musical charm.

I'd love to meet Uncle Rajan! It seems his love of his house really reflects love and honor for his father.

You have a wonderful command of the English language with just a few small grammatical slip ups. Thank you for this beautiful story!
Thresia, you hit the nail on the head (maybe not an expression you are familiar with). But you are right on about four walls not being a family home. I remember the house I grew up in. It was not up to the standard of most of the other houses on the street, but there was love there. There was family there. There were memories there. I know you are from Kerala, a place I have never been, but my sister talks of life in India, and it is much different from here in Canada, or the U.S. Many folks in our countries put high priority on having a fancy house. But "Uncle" in your story put the emphasis in the right place--memories... Keep writing, Thresia. You have many stories to tell...Helen