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Well this was quite different than I expected.
good story. So many of could have a son in this position, from both sides of a war.
I guess I wanted a happy ending, telling me something about his return to his unit, or home. I am not really sure it had an ending? I did get the feeling tomorrow would bring the same situation for them.
Wow!!! This is exciting. You kept my interest throughout.
I'm not sure you needed to name all of the family. It was a bit confusing.
A different Family Home story and very enjoyable. You carried me from beginning to end and I didn't want to leave. Well done, well done indeed.
This is an interesting story, certainly not the usual kind. You did very well to develope the story, in that you are in the Beginner's category. It was a bit confusing, but only because I was so unfamiliar with the setting, not knowing anything about Egypt. What a sad way for the family to have to survive. Had you been allowed more words to develope the story further, I would have liked to hear the ending...How it all turned out AFTER...Maybe some other time....Helen
This was very interesting. I liked it a lot. :)