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This is very interesting! You pull the reader straight in and keep them involved in the story with this POV and the descriptions. I was with the MC feeling the spider webs, and those big black waterbugs. Wow, good job! ^_^
Thanks for the explanation of this game. Never heard of it, but could imagine the children playing it.
That thing with the bugs... that's how I feel sometimes when I play manhunt. Poor kid. And interesting way to tell the story.
You did a great job of describing what fears and dangers there would be if this was more than a game. I never would have guessed that was all it was until I finished reading it. Kind of sobering to think children would make a game out of what was once a dreadful horror to so many.
Interesting take on the topic and I appreciate the history lesson. I like the (shudders)they were well placed.
This was EXCELLENT! I certainly thought it was the real thing. A very masterful telling, creating a fearful experience, and then revealing that it was just a game -- this time. The piece is a bit light on topic, but the writing and the story are awesome. Great work, Cheri
Excellent! One of the best on this level this week, in my opinion.
Oooh, this was so suspenseful and had a "prickly" feel about it (if you know what I mean). Your mind plays tricks on you when you're playing in the dark so I understand fully what the little girl was feeling. It's not easy to write in the first person but this is great. Well done Marlene :-)
One of the best you have written so far in my opinion, Marlene. Very suspenseful, and I appreciated the explanation at the end.
Excellent work Marlene, you did a wonderful job building the tension though we know it is just a game.

When I started reading it the italics threw me a little, but the fact that your voice remained constantly in the MC's thoughts throughout, sucked me right in.

Most excellent!