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Oh, I'm so glad that Domino came back! I loved how you showed us a neat little slice of life by starting out with your morning run and then mentioning the memories and details that made Domino special. ^_^
I love your prayer and am so happy He finally answered it. This is a special story. The way you explained about the domino effect without saying it is very well done.
When I first read this story I thought that Domino was dead! You portrayed how much the MC missed him that I had tears in my eyes-even though I never felt I knew the dog itself.
Great title, and a nice story. Thanks for sharing!
I pray for my animals all the time. Once we had a boxer who came up missing and I prayed a prayer very simular to yours. It was answered too and we found our beloved boxer. Your story was a blessing to read, keep up the good work my friend.
A domino with no dots...I figured it was going to be a defective Dalmatian! I like the real reason for the name much better.
Congratulations on placing 36th overall with this entry, Tessy!
Oh I wish this story could have gone on further! It brought tears to my eyes, being a great pet lover. I know what it is like to lose a dog. I did once. And he never came back...Found out a couger got him...But I was so relieved that your Domino came back...Do make this a longer story now that the challenge for pets is over. ...I'd love to post it on my website...Helen