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Very cute! I was only a tad confused as to when Cougar was speaking, perhaps some italics would help to separate the thoughts next time-this was pretty good! I could see it as a little cartoon. Great job. ^_^
Reminds me of when I bath my two dogs. One loves the water and the other goes wild and crazy at the sound of running water.
Very nice. I love how you wrote with bookends... you started at one situation and finished in the same place.
Good description of actions and reactions. It would help to keep the dialog clear to the reader if you put the cat's thoughts in italics. Good story line and title. :)
Fun characterization, and great descriptions of the dreaded fleabath! Enjoyed this.
Chuckling here. This was cute. You did a good job with description, too.
Loved the voice of this and especially the descriptions in the first paragraph. Long live Cougar.
Keep writing.
So cute! My cat is just like this, too--she's just sure that she's the Empress of the Universe.

FYI--"Mewling" means "crying like a baby, wimpering", so I don't think that's the word you wanted to describe Cougar's purr.

I love the ending--so fun!
Your descriptions and word usage were wonderful. I really liked how he started off as this majestic king and then ended up a wet furball at the end. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this very much. :)
Sounds like you've been through this just a few times. :-)
This was a lot of fun to read, and your descriptions were great.