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Ooooh! How cute, my cousin had a similiar experience when they added a dog to their family-the cat wanted nothing to do with it at first. You captured everything just perfect here! I could see it being read as a children's story, the light touches of humor are just great. ^_^
Good story and nicely written. Your choice of words helped me envision the scenario perfectly. It made me smile and even chuckle. I wish this one came with pictures. I love the descriptions of "his majesty". They served the article well. Good job.
Oh, very good! I could see every moment, and it really brought a smile to my face.
Lynne, absolutely great story. I'm so glad the king and queen agreed to rule amicably. Great details of action and attitude. :)
Everything about this is wonderful. I hope this places, I really enjoyed the realness of your words.
Excellently done. I really enjoyed watching your pets make friends.
Just darling and fun with a FABULOUS voice. And, by the way, I LOVE the word "kerfuffle." Extra points from me just for using it :D
This is so delightful ! I loved it! And if you don't stop by the Southern thread more often, I'm gonna quit sending you expensive presents! LOL. Great story, no kidding! Hugs!
Loved the description of Napoleon. I fully understood the "thundering hooves" reference. (That's what it sounds like!) Great cat-itude in this piece.
I loved his majesty Napolean. Definitely a cat in all ways, shapes, and forms. Calliope is a really cute name for a dog. Your descriptions helped me picture both animal's actions, and I liked that they were finally able to make peace with each other at the end.
Great descriptions of both cat and dog, and a most engrossing tale of the two of them learning to bond. So glad they actually did so, as a lot of cats never stoop so low!
7th Place EC - you go girl!
Congrats on your EC & your 1st place! WONderful piece!
A delightful story. Your descriptions really brought the action to life.
Congratulations on your EC! That is a great way to exit Beginners!
Wow! When you win, you win big time! Heartiest congratulations!! Yippeeee!
Absolutely gorgeous detail Lynne! Congratulations on EC in L1, a very, very deserving entry! The chase scene at the end was my favorite.

Keep up the great work!!
Oh Lynne! I am so very happy for you and it is an AMAZING entry! Wow! So deserving of an EC! WOW!!! Congratulations!!!!
***Congratulations!*** Yay! Awesome writing, Lynne! ^_^
Loved it! My sister moved into my home for a few years, bringing an ever-changing assortment of dogs. (She still brings an ever-changing assortment of dogs to visit!) Fortunately my cat was never upset about them in the least, and watching them play together is a hoot sometimes. Especially since the cat often had to teach the upset dogs how to play! And yes, when they chase each other, there IS a thundering rumble...
Congratulations Lynne, on a well-deserved win, and EC! Great story!
Wow! What a well-deserved EC placement! CONGRATULATIONS! Your descriptions were so vivid that I could picture the whole thing as it went down. Super job! Blessings, Cheri
Congratulations on your EC. Love the descriptions of Napoleon. Very good job.
I'm thrilled to see your name on the EC list this week! This story is a hoot! I loved it from beginning to end. Great job, and congratulations!
Congratulations, Lynne. Well deserved for this good story.
This is wonderful Lynne. I could picture the two of them perfectly. Congrats on your EC.
What in the WORLD are you doing in Level 1? This story was fantastic, suspense all the way through. You developed it superbly. Need I mention that I loved it? I can relate, too, in that we went through an episode similar to this just 6 months ago when we replace our deceased dog with a new one. The roof nearly split with barking and hissing, as our new Corky came in contact with our 5 hissing felines. Yes, they too climbed as high as they could. But we were luckier than you. This only lasted a day or two. Now all of them are best friends...Great story. Hope you have by now moved up a level or two. You should. This was so GOOD.