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Very nice writing. I liked it lots:) Keep up the great work.
Wow, this is a really touching story and well-written, too. I love the idea that the pets in our lives have a mission from the Creator to fulfill! Very lovely!
This was excellent! I really hope this does well... great job!!
I remember another story about this four-legged blessing. So glad to read about her again.
I liked hearing how you got her. Wonderful!
A very good read. I especially like the way the story is angled from the dog's perspective, coming from the thoughts of the pet.
Very good--my favorte part came at the very end: when she was given the name "Carry", with all its rich implications.
This was lovely and so filled with hope. Thank you for sharing this.
I loved your story--hope it places.
I went and read your aunt entry and then read this one. Both were very good, but I think this one was the better of the two.

I loved the internal dialogue of the dog and the idea that she had a mission from God that she needed to accomplish.

I hope to see you move up to intermediate soon, because I think it is an injustice that you are still in beginners. Wonderful writing!
Lovely story, the dialogue fitted each character so well. I love that the dog was there to carry out a special task of companionship. Great ending too. Good job Marlene, good job.
I'm such a sucker for shelter dogs. I loved your story and how you told it from the POV of the little dog. Well done my FaithWriter friend.