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Ahhhh... I had a cat named Cinnamon, too. You brought back so many memories to me.
Your beginning grabbed my attention (sad, but good).
Keep writing.
Very nicely written.
Both of your first paragraphs are incredible. Thanks for sharing a tender tale.
Very touching and sad story filled with so much feelings and emotions. You have written well and I agree with you that no single pet is the same. When one is gone, it can never be replaced.
Well written personal narrative. Great descriptions. :)
Oh, how sad! You've paid a great tribute to your princess.
A wonderfully written, oh-so-sad story. Well done, my dear.
Beautifully written, Pamela! I can see your heart here. (oh - and did you see your happy birthday thread from yesterday in the water cooler? LOL sorry, OT, but I just thought of it)
This gave me goosebumps. So incredibly sad. I have a darling cat that wandered off to never return, that also remains as royalty to me. This is a precious and wonderful piece! ^_^
I could really feel your love for Cinnamon in your story, Pamela. And also feel your pain in losing her. I have had many a Cinnamon in my own life and can really relate to your story. Very nice writing.
Cats have a terrible habit of sleeping under cars. What a sad story but beautifully told. Each pet is unique and although you might get others you never can get the same as the one who has passed over to the other side.
Ahh, this one grabbed me (since we have 16 paws running around out house) In spite of what some thing (probably those who have never had the blessing of a cat) cats are "people" too. Thanks for sharing this with us.