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I really liked the paragraph about taking Tobias for a walk--great simile with "tiger by the tail" and particularly with the boys and Momma using "Run." Your piece had several strong points but the organization of information made things a bit fuzzy. I think a more specific focus, such as narrowing only to the relationship with Joshi or only with the uncanny sense of time, would have made it stronger. Your use of specific narrative snapshots to show what you mean was good.
I've always been amazed at a dog's ability of knowing time, too.
The sequence is a bit mixed, but this was interesting.
Well done.
We too have had several dogs from time to time and each was very special to one or other member of the family. The space in this challenge is limited so that I'm not surprised your progress is hazy. However I do feel you managed to get your point across of the amazing realisation of times and people. It was a sad ending but I'm sure you treasure your memories. Thanks for sharing them.
Great story of Tobias. Being a dog lover, and having lost several dear pets, I can relate to your loss. But as we know, everything must die. What one cannot kill are the memories that we have of our "angel pets." We just lost a beloved dog eight months ago. Even though we have another one, and beloved as he is, he will never replace Rocky (or any other dog of our past)....This tale has opened another window of your way of life in India....I love your stories...Helen