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EWWWWW ! Isn't it funny how the smallest dogs make the biggest racket?
Good descriptions.
SMILE! This article is just as cute as can be. I had a dog named Butch as well. And, they most certanly know who's who (Master), strange, but that's how they are. He really was "anxiously" awaiting the return of the Master, but due to the overwhelming distraction(s) became overly anxious and had to express it someway, somehow and/or somewhere.
Venting maybe? Thanks.
Oh, Vonnie took my, "ewwww..." I'll say it anyway. Ewwww... Gross. This was a cute piece. Good job.
Great tales about Butch. Dogs certainly have their personalities and preferences.
Great conversational tone, and wonderful descriptions of "Butch" (fantastic name!) And the final story--I'm just perverse enough to find that hilarious.

I was always taught--"Don't tell them what you're going to them them: just tell them." I think the build-up of your first paragraph might be a bit too much. Just dive into the story.

And it's a great story--I enjoyed this a lot.
What can I say? This was funny, rang true and was smelly! ;>

Loved this canine story, every bit of it, especailly your conversational tone.