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Your style is easy to read and it flowed well.

I always like this when it happens and you captured it perfectly "As our mouths were busy eating, a lovely hush emerged."

Keep writing.
The title caught my eye and it fit well with the story focus. Although the first couple paragraphs were full of interesting details and nostalgia, I didn't find them useful for the purpose of the narrative. Other than the Mr. Nix reference, I think I would have liked to hear more of the debate over the years. Nonetheless, I did like how you summarized several decades--very skillfully--in order to highlight the change in your mom's response.
This was a fun read-love all the little flashbacks to a simpler time! The title is very clever, too.
This is a cleverly written article. You introduced us to your limited memory of science bcause you paid little attention in Mr. Nix's class and then to your mother's interest in reading of things outside her cooking that she was unable to defend in an argument and your husband's defence of his stance of the H20 debate with your mother. I like the way your mother capitulated in the end.
Good personal narrative. Interesting how little barbs reappear with additions to families, isn't it? :)
Entertaining! I would have liked to have read more about your mom's interest in alternative health than about Mr. Nix (I think it may have been more relevant). I also enjoyed the adding of in-laws; I never looked at it that way before!
Congratulations, Julie, on placing seventh in your level with this piece. Great job!