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Message received. I have often wondered how it must have been for Joseph to be the earthly father of Jesus. Not a lot is said about it in the Bible and most people don't try to see through his eyes in the interpretation of what we do read. Thanks.
Good thought there at the end. God put great important on the Jews ordiance of special days. What shall we find in heaven? Maybe indeed a Father's Day.
You know, I believe to put something like this on paper---well, to even have the ideas, you have to have some connection to Dad. He gives good gifts.....
One of my favorites! Great idea! Well written.
A very creative telling, nicely done.
...And one more story for the road! Oh, how exceptionally well written, how fantastically brilliant; never a dull moment, never mundane or "ho hum"...just like my old friend Grizzard (Rest his Soul)...never tire of reading. Wish you were syndicated daily - I'd subscribe to the Newspaper daily then. Never can wait until the next story...