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Date sad for Jenna. But I loved the last paragraph where the MC realized that she'd done her best to make it all about her, the bride. Neat, this was good with the descriptions and especially showing that everything doesn't always go 'perfectly' but that doesn't mean that it doesn't turn out right. Good job. ^_^
This was very well-written. I love your mixture of humor and description. Great job!
Well written, love the little humorous bits like - "I have no idea how long my body had enjoyed the warm water, but it was long enough for it to prune" Now that is my kind of bath. Nice job on the topic. Well done.
How funny--my daughter's toilet clogged on her wedding morning, too!
This was very realistic, and a very good transition from one "attitude" to the next. Enjoyed this, Beckie!
This was a really good read and I loved the transitions of the MC's moods. Well done.
You had so much going on and it all worked to show the way a day can go.

True emotions well written, keep up the good words.
Well done, Beckie. Good discriptions and you tied it all up so well in 750 words.
I thought that you did a wonderful job with this. You really made me laugh, especially the part about leaving a deposit at the bank if they hadn't been closed.

I think this is a well written story, and I hope you place high this week. :)
What a funny story! Your descriptions are perfect and I hope you place high with this one!!!
Well-written and very funny! The dialogue in this is quite natural and readable and I really enjoyed the characters. Love the end, too, where the MC finds that her new SIL really did try to give the wedding day to the bride. Very nice!
Great dialogue especially, but I love it all.
Excellently done--I see you moving up soon.
I like this. I could really see all as it was happening. Your sense of humor is great. :) One thing: there are a couple of places where question marks should have been used rather than commas.
Well done Beckie! You suprised me at the end, setting me up quite well to think your sis-in-law was being the center of attention. I hope this places high!
A couple of thoughts: I think italics would have been great to emphasize some of the thoughts. And I think there were some descriptions that could have been been shared as italicized thoughts as well.
Excellent work and great humor! Keep 'em coming!
Excellent MC voice and I love the humor. Perfect last paragraph with the change of attitude.
Congratulations, Beckie, on placing eighth in your level with this piece. Great job!
Well written and enjoyable.