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Very creative here! I liked that you chose this minor character of Noah's DIL to tell the story. The POV shifted though, from a first person sort of to a second person with the "We" and "us" otherwise, this was good! A fresh voice! ^_^
I like reading pieces where the writer elaborates a Bible story and gives a good picture of what could have really happened behind the scenes. Well done. Enjoyed! Thanks!
I like the different POV for the story of Noah. The voice was very good, watch however, changing from first person to third person as in "Terrified, she collapsed in her fear, unable to move" which i think should have been "Terrified, I collapsed in my fear, unable to move.". Very well told story thought. Good job!
I love to read bible stories that have been written by a different POV. Well done my friend.
Clever idea!
Here is a pretty yellow box for you! I loved this! Wonderful job. Just a little problem with POV but other than that -- awesome work! Very creative!
I love the story behind the story. Well done. I like the part with the ostrich eggs.

Your title is perfect.
I too am a big fan of Bible stories told to help you imagine what people were saying and doing. Like it.
The title is what drew me in but the story kept me there. Nice job!
I enjoyed your MC's voice, very believable personality.
Believable characterizations. Nicely done. :)
Congratulations, Carol, on placing sixth in your level with this piece. Great job!