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So neat, these 'sisters'. I love that they're so close even through the years and all the time that's passed. That is SO amazing, I loved the ending though, it seemed to sum them both up with the 'whistle and I'll come" that was wonderful. ^_^
You do a nice job of showing the closeness of their relationship.

One suggestion: Read your dialogue out loud. It helps determine if it sounds the way people actually talk.
What a delightful story of childhood 'sisters' and their memories of years past. Loved it. Well done.
Loved the trip down memory lane, you did it so well.

This flowed well and I enjoyed the ending.
Down the memory lane, no absence can set the bond apart. Interesting story of reminiscence.
I enjoyed the dialogue between the two friends (or should I say sisters). You did a good job of describing their relationship through their words to each other. This was an enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing.
Nice story showing that "sisters" are not only born through biological factors. :)