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This is great! Kudos to Willo's Mom who did her best and taught him how to be a man. I liked that this went along in a sort of conversational tone, like someone telling the story to another and the ending was happy. I liked the twist where he pulled out all the stops on father's day. Your title fits this, nice job!
Good writing. I know of a reverse of the same. It is refreshing to read where REAL people take charge and make things happen. God will give us the strength and knowledge but we must be willing to run with it and make things happen. God bless these kind of people. They are my kind of people.

When we wonder why these things happen, we need to trust God. Perhaps God was protecting the family for a much worse situation if the father would have stayed.

Thanks for sharing and letting people in similar situations that they are not alone.

I'm sorry to make such a long comment but I would like to add one thing. It is very important for the children to know this is not their fault, they have not caused it. They also need to know without a shadow of a doubt they are loved. This cannot be stressed enough.

This is a very heart-warming and encouraging story.

Mothers do hold the "destinies of men." Great writing and thanks for sharing.
Great story - thanks for sharing. I appreciated hearing how God transformed the mother's life and in turn her children. I also enjoyed hearing how the son became a man and was moved how he paid tribute to his mother.
Thank you,keep up the writing!