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This is slightly choppy in the beginning starting out as a twelve-year-old and then skipping so many years ahead to where she was married and a writer, but the story itself is good! I think it could be expanded even more, I liked the characters and the storyline had me wondering what would happen next.

I especially liked that the brother was a Twin! Twins do share some amazing bonds and this was certainly shown here with this piece. Nice job! ^_^
I like the story. I wish more details are being filled in on the passing years, but I suppose the words limit doesn't allow you to. Maybe you should explore writing this story in greater details at your regular article submission. By the way, just as a thought, maybe you'll like to have paragraph one written slightly more descriptive because the opening appears to come in a little abrupt without the needed tension that should accompany, a scream, perhaps?
I thought your hint "One word starts with B" meant that there were other words in the title. Haha (Brain dead this morning here!) There were many good points about this one and you're well on your way to the next level!
I had a feeling the mother was holding back. Shame on her.
You did a great job with the tension through out.

Keep up the good words.
I thought that was a good story. I think that sub-consciently Anna wants a brother or a sister. She probably wants a little she could protect, but doesn't have one.
I do agree that Anna should talk to her Mother as to why she was having these nightmares.
I would like to see you expand the story, and see as to whether Anna does tell her mother about her bad dreams, and see what her mother's comments are. Keep up the good work!
I can't imagine what it would be like to have a twin and feel that bond even though you never saw them.

You did a great job of conveying the child's feelings. The transition to adulthood didn't bother me, but with extra words you probably could have added a bit more to the story in between the child and adult stages. That 750 word limit sometimes gets in the way.

I enjoyed the story, and I think it was a unique take on this week's topic. Thanks for sharing.
Having known three sets of twins, I believe they can experience a special bond over and above normal siblings. I could see the mother unable to cope with the little boy's passing away, so tried to squash away her daughter's dreams rather than face the truth of her own loss.
I really enjoyed this! Well done!!!
This felt very real - good characterization and descriptions. I agree about the transitions, but this was a very strong piece.
Great story line. :) I agree with several others who said they would like to see this expanded. With the word limit, there were some ideas introduced but then left unfulfilled, i.e. the concerned teacher- ever speak with the mom?; the MC's school work- remain affected?; did the dreams affect other aspects of MC's life as she grew?; etc. If you hadn't gotten me so involved in the short space you had, then I wouldn't seek info about these things. lol
This is poignant and you did a good job with the topic. Nicely done.
Wxcellent job putting an awefully big story into a very small article. Very well balanced, the jump in years through me a little, but I agree that it was necessary for resolution. Great job!
Enjoyed this story and thought it had a suprising twist. I connmected emotionally - a good sign when writing. : )

Keep up the good work!
The ending is a good conclusion to the childhood dream section of the story. A mystery-just what I like!
well done.
Amazing story! I would've liked
to read how the brother passed away, yet I know it's 750 words max. Again, really great story. I will be watching for more! ^-^